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Feather River Art Camp for Adults -

June 16th - June 23th, 2013

"... the opportunity to do what I love for one solid week without interruption... lovely setting, wonderful people - good company and activities..." anon. camper.

07mikecomputerwrite.jpgImagine ~ fully inspired and receptive to the healing powers of nature, in the former home of the Maidu Indians, a week expanding your creativity and making art. You are surrounded by other creative adults giving themselves the gift of time. 

No shopping, cooking or cleaning to worry about, you need not even get in your car to drive anywhere.

Classes meet along the sparkling Spanish Creek or nearby, amidst the fragrance of oak and pine trees and a profusion of wildflowers.

Feather River Art Camp is the perfect blend of creativity, nature, restoration, fun and camaraderie.

Instructors ~ Arts Professionals


Classes Offered

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Feather River Art Camp for adults: (office)
2512 13th Ave.  Oakland, CA 94606
510. 601.1619  (cell phone)